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Blue Key Club home exchange website official launch

Blue Key Club

Blue Key Club launched a new home exchange network in 2019. But the website was missing a lot of important functionality. It was more of a soft launch. This month BKC announced they’re ready for prime time with an official public launch.

I got a rundown of new features added to the BKC website from one of the founders:

– The messaging system is complete and offers options in order to have the highest reply rate
– We implemented the whole search system (with reverse search, filters and an option “listing matching my profile”)
– You still have the map if you want to look for listings that way
– We implemented a calendar of availabilities
– We now have an exchange form to validate your exchange’s conditions with your partner (optional of course)

blue key club

In spite of its’ young age, Blue Key Club is one of the more traditional home exchange networks. Their model is pretty straightforward. Members pay an annual fee and can set up exchanges with other members. There is no plan to introduce a points-based system. And Blue Key Club is the only generalist house swap network that hides all member information from public searches.

If you’re interested in checking them out, this link will give you the membership price of $9.90 (per year).

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  • Thanks for this! I’m checking out various home exchanging services that only do home exchanges, no points, so this post was helpful. I think I’ll join.