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Details on the Guest to Guest Home Exchange Trip Liability and Insurance

Guest to Guest logoI was booking a home exchange on the Guest to Guest website recently and I noticed some good detail about liability and trip insurance you can purchase. A few months back I wrote about the new Guest to Guest medical insurance policies, and I really like that G2G is adding these features that many people purchase when they travel. Not many home exchange companies are offering insurance, here’s my overview of the ones I know about.  Full disclosure, I’m not a buyer of travel insurance for house swaps, or for travel in general, although I think buying medical insurance for travel can be a good idea if your primary health insurance doesn’t cover you when traveling out of the country.

You do have to sign up for insurance when you book the swap. It looks like you can’t add it later.  In summary here’s a table from Guest to Guest of what you get for insurance at the tiers of pricing:

Guest to Guest insurance prices

Here are the details on the Guest to Guest liability and trip interruption insurance, which is underwritten by MAIF.

Guest to Guest MAIF insurance

Note that they cite French laws, presumably because Guest to Guest is based in France. The cost is tiered depending on how much cancellation/interruption insurance you want, but it looks like the base liability insurance is included at all levels.

Guest to Guest insurance

Guest to Guest insurance details 2



  • ok, I had a mail contact with her today and she told me she would be happy to get back to you, so you should have some news soon I hope 🙂

    • Hi Etienne, thanks for being such a diligent reader! I actually never heard from her, this post is from stuff I saw while booking my most recent exchange.