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Geenee Review – May 2018

Review date: May 2018 Founded in 2006 Free Owned by a husband (Australian) and wife (Canadian) team based in the UK English and French 17,800 listings (6000 active) Listings by continent: Africa: 336 Asia: 235 North America: 3,727 Europe: 11,900 Australia: 1,554 South America: 171 Although this appears to be one of the largest home […]

House Swap Holidays Review – May 2018

Review date: May 2018 Specialty: New Zealand and Australia only Founded in 2009 Owned by two Kiwis living in Australia who also run Your Home for Mine, a virtually identical site but without the Australia and New Zealand focus. $59.95/yr English only 3310 listings Although they say they are exclusively focused on New Zealand and […]

Marriott offers Airbnb-like home rentals with points earning and spending options

Marriott is piloting an interesting combination of hotel loyalty program and peer-to-peer rental lodging. They are offering home rentals on which members can earn Marriott points. And soon it will be possible to pay with points. The service is only available in London right now. It’s administered through the Marriott Tribute Portfolio brand as Tribute […]

Home for Home Review – May 2018

Review date: May 2018 Home for Home was founded in 2008 and was predominantly serving members from Spain. At last count they had more than 48,000 members in 137 countries. Last year Home for Home was acquired by GuesttoGuest. The note below shows up on the website when you try to sign up for membership. It […]

Exclusive Exchanges Review – May 2018

 Review date: May 2018 Luxury homes only $399/year English only 620 listings  It’s been four years since I updated my review of this network and their listings have dropped by half. That’s a bad sign for a house swap network, especially one with such a high price tag. Exclusive Exchanges has updated their website somewhat.  […]

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