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Switch Review – June 2018

Review date: June 2018 Year founded: 2014ish Free Owned by Andrew and Colin, formerly of HomeLink International. English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Nederlands, Dansk, Norsk, Svenska 2253 listings Searches by select regions result in the following: Africa: 95 Middle East: 42 Asia: 77 Europe: 1006 Australasia: 397 North America: 468 Canada: 340 United States: 245 South […]

Guest to Guest review – June 2018

Review date: June 2018 Founded in 2011 Free, with optional purchase of add on services including verification and insurance. Single founder, created by 22 families from around the world English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch 373,846 listings in 187 countries (between 60,589 and 130,026 active listings) Because membership is free, the listings on GTG never […]

Hospitality Exchanges Benefiting Seattle’s Homeless

What if the money you spend on lodging while you’re traveling could go directly to benefiting communities in need? Instead of helping hotel’s make a profit, your money could help people in the place you’re visiting. That’s the model behind a new program for travelers visiting Seattle. Horizon, a network focused on hospitality lodging exchanges, […]

House Swap Website Reviews

Here’s a list of all the swap sites with current reviews. Also check out my summary of the reviews which includes a discussion of how to pick the right site for you. Love Home Swap Guest to Guest Geenee Exchange Zones Home Link Home for Exchange Home for Swap Intervac Your Home for Mine First Home […]

People Like Us home exchange network review – June 2018

Review date: June 2018 Founded in 2018 (still in beta release) Owned and run by Australian software developers Free English only <100 members I learned about People Like Us when the founder, Drew, posted some comments on my article about home exchange companies exposing lots of personal data on the web. He noted that […]

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