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How I convinced Madagascar to change their visa policies

I’ve been trying to figure out if I’ll be ok to enter Madagascar with a 15 year old Yellow Fever vaccine for about two months now. A few weeks ago I wrote about this Madagascar travel vaccine saga.  The official Madagascar visa website said that you must have proof of a Yellow Fever vaccine within the […]

Join People Like Us before Nov 1 for free membership

People Like Us is a new home swap network that launched this year. They’ve just announced that the network is only going to be free until the end of October. People signing up after November 1 will pay an annual membership fee. Those who get in before this deadline will get the first year free. […]

The Tours and Experiences Untapped Market

Skift published an interesting article on tours and experiences recently. They compare the tours and experiences industry of today with the hotel industry 15 years ago. Before came along, it was nearly impossible to compare and book the many independent and boutique hotels in Europe. Now we take for granted that all lodging options […]

How Uber transforms travel

A friend told me a scary story about her visit to Mexico city. She asked her hotel to call a taxi. An Uber driver showed up and pretended to be her car. She got in and 5 minutes later the hotel called her to tell her that her taxi was waiting. She thought maybe it […]

GuesttoGuest implements paid membership option

On September 27th the home exchange network GuesttoGuest launched their new paid membership option. The cost is 130€ per year, with discounts given for length of membership. I’ve been a member since 2014 and my price was 100€. Members save 5€ per year for renewals until they get down to 100€, which is the lowest price […]

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