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Traveling Spoon market tour and meal in Tokyo

Tokyo is a great city for food tourism. There are so many delicious options, from Unagi to Okonominake to all things noodle-related. Having visited Japan a few times, I’m pretty familiar with the food, but I’ll never get tired of Japanese food tourism. For my recent visit to Tokyo I did some searching around for […]

How I convinced Madagascar to change their visa policies

I’ve been trying to figure out if I’ll be ok to enter Madagascar with a 15 year old Yellow Fever vaccine for about two months now. A few weeks ago I wrote about this Madagascar travel vaccine saga.  The official Madagascar visa website said that you must have proof of a Yellow Fever vaccine within the […]

Join People Like Us before Nov 1 for free membership

People Like Us is a new home swap network that launched this year. They’ve just announced that the network is only going to be free until the end of October. People signing up after November 1 will pay an annual membership fee. Those who get in before this deadline will get the first year free. […]

How Uber transforms travel

A friend told me a scary story about her visit to Mexico city. She asked her hotel to call a taxi. An Uber driver showed up and pretended to be her car. She got in and 5 minutes later the hotel called her to tell her that her taxi was waiting. She thought maybe it […]

GuesttoGuest implements paid membership option

On September 27th the home exchange network GuesttoGuest launched their new paid membership option. The cost is 130€ per year, with discounts given for length of membership. I’ve been a member since 2014 and my price was 100€. Members save 5€ per year for renewals until they get down to 100€, which is the lowest price […]

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