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Hosting a house swap guest for one night

I’ve managed to find a few home exchanges for one night stays. For instance, my recent stay in London. But I’ve never hosted someone for just one night. To get a one night home swap I think you have to be open to the possibility that your host might be home. Be prepared to stay […]

My Meetup with the PiggyBee founder

I met the founder of PiggyBee in Brussels! I don’t get much credit for this meetup. I actually forgot he lives in Belgium. But, as I do with all my trips, for a recent trip to Europe I listed my origin and destinations on a few crowdsourced delivery networks. I have some favorites that get […]

Brussels home exchange: perfect location for tourists

During a recent visit to Brussels I found a home swap through the GuesttoGuest network. It could not have been in a better spot. Right in the center of all the sights of interest to tourists. The owner of the flat rents it out most of the time, presumably on Airbnb. But he also occasionally […]

Smallest House Swap Ever

On a recent visit to Paris I had two nights alone in the city. I needed a place to stay for just one person. Airbnb has some reasonably priced options in Paris. But of course I prefer a home exchange to a rental. After a relatively short search I ended up booking a place on […]

Insurance for Sharing Economy Services

Sharing economy services are a great way to make or save money. But when dealing with expensive assets like homes and cars it’s important to make sure you’re covered by insurance. In the context of peer-to-peer travel services, there are two major categories of insurance to think about. (1) Liability insurance. This covers you if […]

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