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Tibba: Trade Labor for Lodging and More

I came across a new peer-to-peer service, Tibba, that let’s you trade skills for stuff you need. One target audience is freelancers and digital nomads who can find opportunities to barter their skills in exchange for free lodging or other necessities. But Tibba is more general than just travel, helping individuals and small businesses to barter their time, […]

GoCambio Partners with International Tutors Association

After my successful GoCambio exchange to Madrid I was interested to read a GoCambio email about their new partnership with the International Tutors Association (ITA). ITA provides tutor training and certification as well as job placement services, and for GoCambio members they are offering free certification (which ordinarily costs $59) as well a 40% discount on other training […]

GoCambio Exchange Review: Three Weeks in Madrid

My three week GoCambio exchange in Madrid is over and it’s time to sum up the experience, which was overall fabulous. I enjoyed an immersive taste of Spanish life while making new friends and spending very little money. In fact I’ve been raving to my friends about this experience and several of them have already […]

Week one of my GoCambio Exchange: Language for Lodging

I’m a week in to my GoCambio exchange in Madrid and so far it has exceeded my expectations. All I really knew in advance was that I would be spending three weeks living with a woman, her husband and two children in the suburbs of Madrid. She needs to use English at work but doesn’t have […]

GoCambio Madrid Exchange Planned for March

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just set up my first Cambio to Madrid for next April to share my special skill: English. In exchange for speaking a language I happen to know quite well, I’m going to get free lodging (my own private room and bathroom) and meals with a family who lives in Madrid. I set […]

Housesitting: Free Lodging for a Little Work

Housesitting is a sharing economy service that falls in the category of work-for-lodging, but it’s a unique segment because usually housesitters don’t have to do much work. At least not much more than they would do at home. Housesitting is a good alternative to home exchange as a way to find free lodging and experience a place living […]

Traveling for Work: Gigoing Connects Professionals with Global Gigs

Gigoing is an interesting new company in the intersection of work and travel, defining their product based on sharing economy principles. Lots of people would like to find a way to get paid to travel, and Gigoing offers a way to connect professionals with freelance work, helping people leverage their unique skills and experiences for short term gigs around the world.

Trading Labor for Lodging

There are a number of new sharing economy companies offering lodging in exchange for volunteer work. While this isn’t a new concept, these peer to peer companies are connecting volunteers/workers with individuals and opportunities that were not previously available, and in some cases they are doing it with a much better user experience. The established companies […]

I Like Local: Peer to Peer Travel Experiences and Homestays

Another new entrant into the sharing economy of adventure activities, I Like Local offers a variation on the theme of peer to peer tour guides. Unlike other companies in the travel activity space, I Like Local includes homestays, farmstays, and volunteering opportunities as a significant portion of their offerings, and these are focused in Southeast Asia, a […]

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