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Below is a link to my table of all the peer to peer sharing economy companies I’ve found so far that are relevant to travelers, excluding home exchange. It is sortable and can be filtered by the type of business (i.e. bike share).

Peer to Peer Travel Companies Table



  1. TIMEREPUBLIK is a community of people who freely exchange their talents
    and the currency is Time and not Money. This is a global Time bank and is free to join.

  2. Thanks Melissa, I actually had, another time exchange website in my initial table, and I think this concept is really cool. But I couldn’t figure out how time banks relate directly to travelers so I narrowed the table down, cutting out this and a bunch of other sharing sites (toys, odd jobs, office space, services, etc). Perhaps once I have a good handle on the travel-related companies I’ll branch out to offer the other non-travel stuff I’ve found.

  3. that sounds good! There is an “Inn Keeper” option on TIMEREPUBLIK that travelers can select, to connect with people in different countries if they are travelling and to trade their skills, which is a bit different to traditional time banks which usually have geographic restrictions ie. they operate within a certain community.

  4. Wanted to share another peer to peer website, which is somewhat retalated to travelling, as you may need to hire something and thus this website will serve you very well, it’s p2p rental marketplace, where you can lease your goods to others, or rent items directly from others.

    • dawnzerly

      August 30, 2016 at 8:16 am

      Thanks Valdemar, I do see some very useful stuff for travelers (i.e. boat rentals, camera gear, bikes) on Daylui. Does Daylui offer goods outside of the UK? The listings I’m browsing all seem to be there.

  5. Here you can find someone if you don’t like eating alone in travel !
    Facebook group and page ! It’s amazing

  6. Dear Dawn,

    I am writing my Master Thesis on new business models disrupting the freight industry, and P2P delivery is one of them. Could you please grant me permission to save your table and modify it for my work?

    Thank you so much!

  7. Wanna let you know peer to peer local tour with Korean.
    Mostly host are 20s~30s

  8. thanks for the great list. TravelBuddee – is a platform for local guides & tour services in South East Asia Countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand

  9. Silvio Cappelluti

    September 22, 2017 at 2:47 am

    This is an amazing File. Thanks so much!!

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